Nothing says love
like heavy metal.

We don’t mean purple satin, long hair and guitars heavy metal. We mean one ton of cast iron slowly squeezing paper in its tender embrace. We mean men lavishing attention on long forgotten machines that once were the epoch of human ingenuity. Hammers hitting steel, the squeak of belts, and the sizzle of oil on well lubed bushings. We love letterpress.

People used to make things with blood and toil and sleepless nights. Nothing you truly care about can be made by a nameless face in a far flung country and left out in the rain on your porch the next day. Our investment to you is missed parties, skinned knuckles, and an alarm that comes too early. We do it because we care about the things we make. More importantly we do it because we care about the things we make for you.

Workhorse Printmakers is a letterpress and foil stamp print studio founded by John Earles and Jennifer Blanco (yes, the same owners of Field of Study, a branding studio in Houston). We created Workhorse as a tool for our own design projects and clients, in addition to offering print services for the public.

We aren’t your traditional print shop in a hot garage. We are driven by our passion for good design and producing great printed matter. What makes our approach unique is that we are designers and artists first—and bring this eye for detail to each project we print. Interested in branding and design work? Visit our sister studio, Field of Study.

Available by appointment only.